General T&C’s:

All products purchased from this website are prepaid and non-refundable unless otherwise specified on T&C’s. Dates can be modified 24 hours prior to arrival.

Vehicle is parked at owner’s risk.

Entry Procedure:

Casual Self-Parking and Hotel Guests Self-Parking:
When you arrive at the entrance of the car park, please scan the QR code supplied to you at the time of the booking. QR code is located on your booking confirmation. The barrier will lift and allow you to enter the car park. If you have arrived more than 1 hour early for your booking you will be charged at the hourly rate listed on the signage.

Valet Parking:
Please access car park via hotel main entrance located on 65 Queens Road.

Exit Procedure:

Casual Self Car Parking and Hotel Guest Overnight Stay Self-Parking:

Please scan the same QR code provided to you on your booking confirmation when you made your booking online. If you stay longer than your pre-booked time you will be required to make an additional payment.

Valet Parking:
Please contact our concierge desk upon departure.

Grace Period:

There is 1-hour grace period either side of your booking times. If you arrive outside of this grace period you will be charged for the additional length of your stay at hotel drive up rates and you will not be entitled to a refund or credit on those charges.

Remember to allow enough travel time, especially during peak times.

Transfer to Hotel Or Conference Center:

The Car Park has lifts which will take you up to reception on the ground level (closest to the drive-in entry) or to the conference reception (closest to Lorne St).

Security Measures:

The car park is barrier controlled and under CCTV cameras surveillance.

Facilities for Parking Permit Holders:

Limited disabled parking bays are available in the car park. Access is via Lorne Street. To arrange your access to the car park please call 61 3 9529 4300 in advance.

Latest and earliest you can book:

The latest you can book your parking is 2 hours in advance and prior to the time of arrival. If you cannot pre-book, you can still park at drive-up rates and pay before departure.

Latest you can amend a booking:

The latest you can amend a booking is 24 hours before your arrival time and date on your original booking. All products purchased on this website are prepaid and non-refundable. Dates can be modified 24 hours prior to arrival.

Minimum and Maximum Stay For Pre-booking:

The minimum stay for the car park is 1 hour, the maximum stay is 60 days. To arrange permanent parking, please email

Availability / Opening Times:

The car parking is available 24/7, 365 days a year, unless the online availability is sold out.

Car & Trailer Restrictions:

No motor homes, Lorries, trailers or caravans are permitted even if multiple spaces are booked.

Valet Parking Special Terms and Conditions:

Terms and conditions upon which it is agreed that your motor vehicle is accepted by the undermentioned company its servants and agents.

Booking confirmation must be presented to the attendant on leaving the car park.

1. The hotel will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever of or to the vehicle, its accessories or contents however any such loss or damage may be caused and whether by the negligence or otherwise of the hotel or any person acting with or without the authority of the hotel. The terms of this condition shall extend and at all times apply whist the vehicle is parked or otherwise in the hotel custody or control or whilst it is being moved or driven by any servant or agent of the hotel. Vehicles and goods are at customers risk at all times.

2. The Hotel may at any time and from time to time move or drive any vehicle left for parking.

3. The Hotel may deliver the vehicle at any person producing the booking confirmation, Hotel’s official claim check or offering such evidence or authority of entitlement to receive the vehicle as the Hotel may deem satisfactory. The Hotel may retain the vehicle until the hotel’s claim check is produced or until so satisfied. Parking charges will be accrue under this condition until the vehicle is delivered in accordance to the foregoing.

4. Employees, servants or agents of the Hotel have no authority to accept goods or articles for safe custody from any person and the Hotel shall not be responsible for any loss or damage (no matter how or why it occurs) to any such goods left on the Hotel’s premises.

5. No agent, servant or representative of the Hotel has authority to alter, modify or waive any of the conditions.